This is part one of a foundation series. As any newsreader, actor or model will tell you, you can’t put just anything in the body and expect to look good on camera. Likewise, a crew member or makeup artist won’t have any energy without good nutrition. 

In this series Nourish,  we will explore what can be done for good health and good looks without having to spend months researching it or a bunch of money to get much needed basics. This is a foundation series for a career with longevity to harness energy and vitality. As a side note this is important for a makeup artist who need to keep the skin looking at its best for their chosen career.

As busy as modern life gets our bodies and souls need to be nourished. Looking after ourselves and our fitness levels is about 70% of what goes into our bodies.


Stay Hydrated

Water intake is essential. The more you sweat, the more water you will need to take in. So at least an extra 2 cups of water a day if you are exercising on top of the required 1 liter a day. Adding ice and a slice of fruit to your water can add flavour and interest. But it is best not to drink too much chilled water, it has a similar effect to the inside of the body as it would jumping into freezing water.

To keep water interesting have a couple of flavoured water drinks a day. Make your own so you know what goes into it and serve with a meal or with a mid-morning snack. Some ideas to add flavour;

  1. Fruits can add a variety of flavour, try anything from thinly sliced watermelon to strawberries.
  2. Herbs a bit of mint goes a long way or whatever takes your fancy. Crushing a tiny bit first and adding to the water will infuse nicely.
  3. Cider Vinegar but not too much, maybe a teaspoon or so, can have health benefits plus the flavour.
  4. Cucumber or ginger are a bit different.

Experiment with flavours to come up with some unique recipes.


After putting in hard work and effort during a workout don’t blow it with high caloric food. Some pizza can be loaded with calories or even too much cheese. Track your foods and educate yourself on what is going into your body. Knowing what your favourite foods are and their calorie count is will protect you from a calorie blow out.

You are what you Eat

Using a fitness app or food diary app will help to track nutrients, protein and your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables to remain healthy. Different lifestyles can bring it’s own set of demands on the body, finding the right one isn’t difficult.

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The human body can’t run on nothing. Nourishing with good food and hydrating correctly can easily be tracked with a food diary or apps. Tracking meals will give insight into good nutrition for good health.

To cover the basics quickly and easily, a good multivitamin would help to start with on a daily basis. Good health also requires a serving of fruit, 1-2 cups of vegetables or a cup of salad and a cup of vegetables a day, protein, calcium some fiber. It’s also interesting to note, that due to COVID a lot of people have increased their vitamin C intake, which means peoples skin is look improved.

Eating well is essential for good looks and energy. When I went back to university I reduced how much meat we ate, meat is expensive and I went partly vegetarian using eggs and yoghurt more for protein. If the cost of living is an issue having the weekly meal plan sorted will cover the bases fast.

Getting creative will help with grocery shopping, like if you hate white sugar would raw sugar for a sweetener suffice?

Do not underestimate the power of good nutrition, most people are aware that exercise helps, but eating well on most days will make a huge difference in a matter of weeks.

Below is a couple of videos and links to help get good nutrition on a budget for those concerned about the cost of living. As a bonus do allow one night a week for treat night, even when on a tight budget. Get a coupon for pizza and some soft drink from the supermarket with some munchies and have a fun movie night at home. That is what they call soul food, when having a break and a bit of fun is uplifting.

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